10 June, 2023 • 19:00 (UTC +3)

Take advantage of this new opportunity to start playing in Interlude's New and more stable PvP community.

Servidor A new journey will begin, you will have the opportunity to start in the wonderful world of Interlude Pride Style and be the strongest of them all. With the most updated files and the security you need, we have the ideal scenario for you to call your friends, your clan and have fun for a long time.

Lineage 2 InterPride trailer
Why choose us?

What L2 InterPride offers to you


PvP Suportt Assist

We have the new PvP Assist mode, where you can acquire PvP Points being support classes like Cardinal, Tankers, Overlords.

Enjoy this new journey to form your groups or play alone, show your power and dominate the world of Lineage 2 InterPride. Adventure awaits you as you explore the vast lands and monsters.


PvP Enchant System

On our server we have the Enchant PvP system, which when earning PvP Points in Orc Village you have a chance to automatically Enchant your Equipment.

Explore big battles by defeating Raid Bosses to get big rewards. But get ready, because the battle is just beginning.


PvP Skills System

We would also like to introduce you to the new and exclusive PvP Skills mode, where as you increase your PvP points, you gain exclusive and extremely strong Skills.

At L2 InterPride we believe that it is necessary to be able to show as much power as possible. So why not have matching Name/title colors to show how powerful you are. In addition to name colors, you will also receive special PvP abilities.



We have several events, such as Team vs Team, Kill The Boss, Capture the Flag, but our highlight event is the Castle Siege Event.

Castle Siege Event: Attackers must break through Dion's walls and doors and take the castle while Defenders must hold it for as long as they can.