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GRAND OPENING: 27/12 20:00 GMT+3

From Players for Players

Greetings fellow Pridesters! We are very excited to announce the creation of a new Pride-Like server we have been working on over the past year – L2 InterPride.

Like you – we used to be players in various servers and especially the original L2 Pride, which we appreciated as much as you did. Over the years, a significant number of attempts have been made from other ambitious developers, to re-create or even enhance the experience of L2 Pride, with little to no success.

We are aware that the Pride community have high expectations regarding the future of Pride style servers so we decided to make the change! How many times have you actually heard similar proposals from previous developers? Let me answer that for you pals. PLENTY!! Words have no meaning if there is no actual effort to induce such change.

For that reason, L2 InterPride team decided to implement a very ambitious Pride-Style project which is going to address all the issues found in previous servers and enhance the gameplay to great extends, so that we prove to our beloved community that there are people out there, passionate about what they are doing and actually caring for the future of L2 Pride.

This project means nothing without your support and love, so that gives us the drive to continue and work hard in order to satisfy your gameplay needs and visions of an ideal Pride-Style Project. Join L2 InterPride and be part of the change!

L2 InterPride Team

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